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How you decorate your pool depends on your tastes and what tiles you choose from our selection. You have your choice of stunning mosaics filled with color, or a Southwest look made with earth tones.

Terrific tile choices just for you

We even do custom tiling with sea animal designs on the bottom and side of your pool. Choose a large-shell turtle or even a shark to make it seem as if you're swimming in the ocean, except you know the shark won't harm you.


Florida law also dictates every home pool needs an enclosure or fence around it for safety reasons and we're here to help you stay in compliance with the law.

What we do to keep you safe

Swimming Pool Tiling

• Install a screen around the pool

• Install a fence around the pool

• Install a baby fence around the pool

• Install window alarms

• Install door alarms

• Never cut corners

• The highest caliber workmanship and materials

Keeping you safe every step of the way!

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When we build your dream pool, we do it with you and your family in mind and make sure we do everything it takes to keep you safe.