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When dealing with "WATER", there are certain facts known (i.e. water should never be stagnant, circulation and filtration are the keys to cleanliness, heat rises, etc.). However, historically, most swimming pools have been engineered in the same manner. Meaning, swimming pools usually operate 6 to12 hours a day, have a skimmer that intakes surface water and debris, have a drain in the floor that also intakes water, and have 2-4 return lines around 10" below the waterline (for surface circulation).


Keeping these facts in mind, we have changed the system in which our pool will pump and circulate.


Our Exclusive Energy Efficient "EZ Flow Pool"tm is an advanced engineered system created to reduce the total time and cost needed for operating your swimming pool (about HALF compared to traditional pools). We will prove to you and your family that our system is a breakthrough, and the future of the pool industry. WATERSIDE POOLS INC. is changing the way people feel about swimming pools and swimming pool companies. Don't stress about your pool….make it EZ!

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Under Pool Drain Line

This drain line is a safety feature that will be used in the event of needing to drain the pool.  When you drain a pool and take the water weight out, there is a possibility of the swimming pool popping or floating out of the ground. This drain line allows you to remove the underground water before draining to prevent this from occuring.  Safety first.

Bond Beam

The Bond Beam is part of the pool shell and is completely around the top perimeter. It is a concrete "beam" that has steel rebar inside and can be constructed in different sizes (i.e.: 8" x 8", 12" x 12", etc. ). It will SUPPORT the brick or stone coping that you choose and ensure that those coping bricks won't crack.

Bonding Grid or Bonding Wire

Electrical currents have been found to exist in and around swimming pool decks. The purpose of this Bonding Grid is to ground / bond the decking so this doesn't occur. This is a National Electrical Code and is now being enforced by local municipalities.

Brick Pavers

There are several different types of decking available in the industry. Brick pavers can be a beautiful and economical choice. Along with a beautiful look, they offer longevity. Unlike concrete decks, these bricks will not stress crack over time, there are no expansion joints needed and they help the area drain better and faster. The money you will need to invest in this type of deck is reduced when compared  to concrete decks over the long term.

Bullnose Brick Coping

We use a double bullnose brick for the coping on the pool. This creates a beautiful look around the inner top perimeter of the pool, as well as, creates a smooth edge for sitting around the pool. No sharp edges. Generally, the coping used will be the same material that the deck is made of. This makes for nice transitions and/or outlines. There are several styles, sizes, material and thicknesses to choose from.

Cleaner Line With Vacuum Lock



White lights or Color lighting will enhance the project.  The reflections of light are unsurpassed in beauty as they flow throughout your backyard paradise.


EZ Flow Debris Removal Main Drain

The MDX drain will intake leaves and debris from the floor of the pool unlike any other drain, as well as, bring the debris to a basket for easy removal. It also has a 2.5" suction line (not 2") to create better flow and circulation throughout the entire system. More flow = better circulation = a cleaner pool.


As far as safety, this drain has been wig tested (yes..hair wigs) in order to protect individuals from entanglement on the drain. This drain could save a life and we put it in every pool we build. We also install a hydrostatic relief valve to help prevent the pool from 'popping' out of the ground. Obviously, this valve is very important, and you will receive it in our standard "EZ Flow Pool".


EZ Flow Down Jet

This EZ Flow Down Jet has a couple of benefits that you should want in your pool. First, it is vital in creating a venturi effect within our power skimmer. Because of this venturi, the power skimmer doubles the intake of surface water vs. other skimmers, without using any electricity. Second, it forces filtered, chlorinated and possible heated water down the wall to the floor of the pool for better efficiency and where it is mostly needed.

EZ Flow Jets

In our Exclusive energy efficient "EZ Flow Pool" tm system, these jets are vital to the overall performance. The proper dispersal of chemicals, heating and circulation is the key for lower monthly bills on maintenance. The fewer chemicals that need to be used, allows LESS wear & tear, time and money you will spend in the years to come. Our 'EZ Flow Pool' is proven to reduce the cost of operation by HALF +/- when compared to most pools. We will say it again; circulation is the key when you're dealing with any type of water. Don't stress about your pool, make it EZ!

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EZ Flow Power Skimmer

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Top Returns

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Located just under the waterline, returns come in different sizes and are used to release the filtered, chlorinated, and possibly heated water back into the pool. The size and shape of the pool are a couple of factors that determine the size of each return.


They are also engineered to circulate the surface water in a manner as to allow suspended debris to get pulled into the skimmer (i.e.: leaves, bugs, etc.). If the debris doesn't reach the floor, you don't have to vacuum it.



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Footers are concrete beams with steel rebar inside, and they are located underneath the outer perimeter edge of the decking. The sizes of these footers will vary depending on the situation (i.e. 8" x 8", 12" x 12", etc.). It's generally built to support a screen enclosure because a screen is unable to be permanently attached to just a brick. There needs to be a strong foundation to bolt and/or fasten too.


Swimout Benches

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A state code mandates that we build a swimout bench or install an exit ladder in every pool. A swimout bench is used as a means to exit the swimming pool from the deep end. However, swimouts have a few other benefits besides just exiting. We find that a lot of our customers love to just sit & relax on the benches. It's also nice to have a resting area on both ends of the pool in case you just need a breather break. For the most part, we see our customers enjoying their waterfalls, lightingscapes, and their ambiance as a whole from the benches.

6" Wall and Floors

At Waterside Pools, Inc., we build our pools with QUALITY-STRENGTH-INTEGRITY. Standing behind our construction is easy when you build a pool like we do...beyond minimum standards, beyond the competition.


The monolithic shell is "shot" from a hose and controlled by a nozzleman. The material used will be either gunite or shotcrete, depending on the examination of the hole and weather conditions. The thickness is important, but the amount of steel within the shell helps determine the strength of the end product.

10" O.C. Steel

As a minimum standard, most pools will use 12" on center steel in the walls and floors. We believe that the minimum standards are just that...minimum. The reason we put more steel in our "EZ Flow Pool" is to ensure the structural integrity of the shell. The more steel you have in the shell, the less likely the chances of stress cracks. Therefore, the lifetime structural warranty will less likely need to be used. You don't need that "stress" even though it may be covered under a warranty.

Waterside Pools builds our "EZ Flow Pool" tm above and beyond the minimum standards of construction.

As you are probably aware, there are many different types of waterfall features. We have skillful crews to tackle the most intricate of waterfall features.

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