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Congratulations, you now have a beautiful backyard paradise!

"We negotiated with 4 different pool builders prior to choosing Jason's Waterside Pools. We chose Jason because his proposal was the most detailed and professionally presented, and he offered highest quality components for similar price. He micro-managed the subcontractors and made sure we were happy with every detail along the way...and we were not easy to please. We feel the result is spectacular, and strongly recommend Waterside Pools. Thanks Jason. "


  • After passing the inspections, we continue

  • Gunite and; or Shotcrete (concrete based material) is "shot" onto the rebar cage to specific thicknesses. This is the monolithic shell of the pool & spa along with the steps, benches and sun-shelves

  • Our pools & spas have a lifetime structural warranty

  • The pool will be drawn out and formed on the ground

  • Then excavating is skillfully and carefully completed

  • The steel cage (#3 rebar@ 10 " O.C.) is installed

  • The under Plumbing will also be installed now

  • Then we contact the city for Inspection


As you probably are aware, pool and spa projects have many different facets. Please spend a few moments to view our photos and descriptions, and they should help you to better understand the entire construction process.


After the designing phase is complete, we get engineering plans drawn and printed accordingly. Next, we gather the other information and paperwork needed to put in for permit. The time spent in this phase will vary from city to city, bur once approved, we are ready for construction.


  • Plumbing is then installed around the pool perimeter, then routed to the pump & equipment area

  • Plumbing & Tile are both installed using leveling devices. This will ensure optimum strength, beautiful aesthetics and proper flow for years to come


  • All of our pool shells are waterproofed before tile is installed

  • Laser levels are used in order to achieve precision workmanship

  • The pool tile is then grouted to completion

#4 - TILE

  • After passing pressure test and bonding inspection, we may continue installing the coping and decking materials

  • The coping bricks and/or stones are set around the top perimeter of the pool & spa using leveling devices

  • Rock, Shell and Sand Base are the materials generally used for the foundation under pavers

  • We compact the base and sand material 3 times on a paver deck during the installation process

  • The crews will use leveling devices on all decks to ensure accurate leveling and pitching for proper drainage


  • According to state law, everyone must install a screen or fence around the pool area, as well as, a baby fence or window & door alarms.

  • There are many ways to cut corners on the screen enclosure. However, we refuse to do this. The engineering, materials and workmanship will be of the highest caliber.


  • Per the National Electric Code, we complete this phase in the same manner for every pool.

  • At this point we will install window and door alarms, or a safety fence (baby fence) per code

  • After safety barriers, and all bonding and wiring connections are completed, we call in for the electrical and safety barrier inspections


  • All pool and spa shells are scraped, acid washed, prepped & cleaned out before surfacing.

  • We seal and waterproof around every return line, fitting, drain, light and opening in the pool or spa to ensure that there are no leaks

  • Interior surfaces are applied by hand. By using trowels,  we can ensure a nice, smooth finish. There are several different surfaces to choose from (i.e.: Marcite, Diamond brite, Durazzo, Pebble Tech, Stonescapes, etc.)


  • This is when we "start up" the pumps and add the initial dosages of chemicals.

  • All warranties and guarantees are activated at this time of construction.


  • Waterside Pools Inc now offers special "all inclusive project packages" as an option for sod and irrigation replacement. We have already done the shopping so you don't need to spend the time or energy.


  • Most municipalities will require a final survey of the property and the pool to be completed.

  • Requirements for final inspections vary from city to city. Please speak to your consultant for details in your specific area.


"Jason Pavlow's step-by-step approach to pool construction is very impressive. We were able to follow on a daily basis the pool construction step that was being excecuted. Additionally, Waterside Pools, Inc. updated us on Fridays, which was nice. Jason, Kristine, and all the people who worked on our pool were very personable, courteous, and professional. Jason is very knowledgeable of the pool construction process. He is very easy to talk to, and a very good sales person. In summmary, Jason is a very savvy business man. We have been getting many compliments on how beautiful our pool is. We would highly recommend Jason to anybody without hesitation."

                      - Brandon

"Can't say enough good things about our experience with Waterside Pools! Great service, attention to detail, going above and beyond in delivery. Good communication too — they would call or e-mail on a weekly basis to keep us informed regarding progress. They also did something you rarely see these days — doing what they said they were going to do when they were going to do it! We received 4 different proposals, but only one truly AMAZED us - it was from Jason! We only had some general ideas and a budget in mind - just from that Jason designed pool package for us that we immediately fell in love with. Some features that other pool builders considered “extra” or unavailable at all, were STANDARD with pool package from Waterside (e.g. salt system, color LED light, e-z flow extra returns just to name a few). The project is now completed (just in time for summer too!) and we have a private paradise in our back yard – a real “dream come true” experience. We highly recommend Waterside Pools!"

                            - Jeff

"Waterside Pools just completed the installation of a pool for us, undoubtedly one of the most beautifully designed and implemented piece of work I've ever seen. We are delighted. Everyone associated with this vendor is professional, willing to spend time with the homeowner and answer questions or explain any aspect of the installation or identify what to expect as the work progressed. We are extremely pleased and recommend this vendor without reserve."

                             - Geri